02 Apr

The Cheapest New Car in Britain

Average people are beginning to understand that reliable transportation does not have to cost a small fortune. While smaller cars have always been available in the UK, some models available elsewhere in Europe were not due to the conversion costs required for right-hand drive. One example of a truly affordable option is the very cost-effective Sandero. The manufacturer is a subsidiary of Renault called Dacia.

Recently Introduced in Britain

The opening of a plant in India, which is also a right-hand drive country, provided the economy of scale needed to offer the vehicle in the UK. The most amazing feature of this hatchback is the pricing. It is thousands of pounds less than the nearest competitor for the base model SCe Access. The car drives well, according to the review at topgear.com, and is an excellent value for the money.

The Cabin

The price tag is the only thing small about the new range of models available. All five doors are big, which makes getting into and out of the car easier. The hatchback door opens to reveal a larger boot than one might expect. The interior is roomy enough to fit four adults in comfort.

The base model cabin is not encumbered with highly technical instruments and gadgets. It is simple, practical, and well made. The console and dashboard are not the hard plastic materials drivers would expect to see in a car at this price level. No air conditioning, stereo, or power windows are standard, but they can be added as options.

Other Models

The mid-level model, the TCe Ambiance, is available in both diesel and petrol engines and in a variety of colors. That model does have a standard stereo, and a seven-inch screen navigational system can be added at a nominal cost. All the available options and option packages are detailed on the company website.

Drivers who wish to go green will be glad to discover the dCi Ambiance, which gets an estimated eighty miles per gallon. That model will cost more initially, but will probably balance out with the savings in operational costs. Getting from point A to point B in style and comfort can be affordable.